Understanding the dual dimensions of the Bible - PhD, Bob Dowell

PhD, Bob Dowell, lends understanding to the entirety of the Bible through Understanding the Bible: Head and Heart.  This three part series by Christian author and writer, Bob Dowell PhD, offers readers a new theory encapsulated as PROSEPOE.  Ten years in the making with extensive research and knowledge derived from the Scriptures, Bob Dowell, presents a revelatory comprehension that introduces the reader to a combination of information coupled along with poetry, creating a unique avenue for understanding the dual dimensions of the Bible, being informational and spiritual.   

Knowledge comes first to the mind, although deeper meaning is experienced by the heart and spirit.  PROSEPOE gives readers understanding and experience through the union of the informational and spiritual, igniting a deeper communication with God and His Word, but also a spiritual understanding that ushers in a more complete knowledge of who God is and how He works through situations to teach us, mold us and transform us into the image of His Son, Jesus Christ. 

The Bible is filled with instruction, wisdom and hope for all that we may face in life, if through scriptural application and understanding we apply these life principles, lives will be changed, transformed and enriched to bless others.  In this spirit, Bob Dowell offers his new book: Understanding the Bible: Head and Heart to assist with this journey from faith to faith.  Come and gain a deeper insight into God's Word through this exciting and highly recommended read.

Understanding the Bible: Head and Heart--Part One: The Old Testament, Part Two: Matthew through Acts and Part Three: Romans through Revelation are available in e-book or in print format and can be ordered through your local bookseller or on-line at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Be sure to visit Bob at Bible and Heart. You may order Bob's books at Amazon, Barnes and Noble and other fine online bookstores.

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