Christian Author Carol Lee Anderson's The Treasures of Darkness

Born in Australia and raised in Spokane, WA U.S.A. Carol Lee Anderson and her husband served in the Bible translation ministry with Wycliff Bible Translators located in Papau New Guinea. Carol currently teaches at the Moody Bible Institute at the Spokane campus.

The Treasures of Darkness is a wonderful and delightful fiction novel filled with adventure, mystery and action yet contains powerful biblical truths. Based upon Psalm 107, this novel was written keeping the family in mind. By avoiding graphic violence and magic, the author instead presents "family friendly" conflict and includes miraculous intervention. Psalm 107 comes to life in this adventure story set in the ancient and mythical land of Bellacosa.

With characters that will move the imagination, Carol has masterfully woven the pages of The Treasures of Darkness together to captivate the soul.

Follow young Julen taken from her home as only an innocent child, only to be brought and sold into slavery with no hope of redemption, until she meets the mysterious One who is her deliverer, who has the power to break her bonds apart and set her high upon the rock and hidden from her enemies.

Cryptic messages, a mysterious diary, the mythical stranger, the powerful dragon god and the plot to overthrow the kingdom of Bellacosa are only but a few glimpses into this wonderful novel filled with mystery and imagination.

Be prepared to be fully engaged in this page-turner that will keep you coming back for more. A truly captivating story and novel about the power of redemption and triumphant rescue.

Like all of us we are treasures hidden in the darkness waiting for the One who can truly rescue us. Come, be filled with hope, encouragement and faith as this novel unfolds.

The Treasures Of Darkness
By Carol Lee Anderson

ISBN: 9781453882351

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