Authors, Co Authors, Short Stories Wanted

That's right!

We are looking for unpublished authors looking to become a part of a new book publishing project. Short stories around various subjects that encourage, uplift and bless others. Stories and testimonies of hope.

We handle the cover design, all the layout, editing, manuscript preparation and will also be co authoring this new book project with those who join the project. We even have a publisher and also do extended marketing.

Here's a chance to be a part of a great project, share the love of Christ around the world, get your work published and be a part of some great marketing and exposure.

The Project: 25 short stories that share the love of Christ, His faithfulness, and that offer hope and encouragement. That means potentially 25 separate authors. Each story will be from 5 to 10 book pages long. Book size 5.5 x 8.5

Contact us for details at or visit:

Elijah Rain Productions

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